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A very stupid thing begins again. Credit: TMN.
Nicole He uses a computer algorithm to determine the "best" art at any moment—then she creates it.

A disabled person is killed by a caregiver—usually a family member—at least every week.

These haunting statistics are exacerbated by media reports highlighting the "sacrifice" of the caregivers.
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Notable Arthur Rimbaud fan Patti Smith buys the poet's reconstructed house near the Belgian border.
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Tinder has kept visiting NBA players from staying out late at clubs, so "home-court advantage" is no longer valid.
New fashion line offers trendy clothing customized for cancer treatment.

Space is hard.

NASA scientists who've seen their lives' work vaporized in failed rocket launches find solace in platitudes.
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“It’s not for the faint of heart." An increasing number of patients want to be awake during surgery.
Hong Kong's Sunday election went exactly as planned (by China’s central government).

Last summer, Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren called the situation “ridiculous,” noting that the US has 7.3 square feet of retail space per capita, versus 1.7 square feet per capita in Japan and France.

The argument for America as "overstored"—too much retail that's too boring and too expensive to stay open much longer.
↩︎ Bloomberg
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