Lockdown shrank our worlds—and our words. After losing vocabulary during the pandemic, a writer fights back.
Macron denounces colonialism, but uses monetary policy to keep African ex-colonies tethered to France.
The new Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone can make and receive calls over Bluetooth.
A trip to Agrafa, an area of Greece whose name means "unwritten," as it's so remote that it was once left off maps.
"There were a set of circumstances that will never be repeated." From the restrictions placed on Polish artists, a mine of design.
A good repository here: "What useful unknown website do you wish more people knew about?"

Adam Savage, former co-host of Myth Busters, attends Comic Con incognito with some very impressive hand-fashioned Ghostbusters gear.

A hypersonic glide vehicle with the kinetic energy in its favor from an orbital-like delivery would likely be the very hardest to kill.

China recently alarmed Washington by testing “a nuclear-capable hypersonic glide vehicle.”

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A quiet San Francisco street is plagued by self-driving cars who love to visit and make a multi-point turn.
With cargo and containers at a premium, toymakers are focusing on small, squishy gifts for the holiday season.
Liminal photos of ice castles, by Frankie Carino.
A research exercise finds nuking an incoming asteroid early enough could prevent "99% or more" of the debris from hitting Earth.

A single film prop with two tubes and flashing lights has been used in countless sci-fi movies and shows.

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Missouri's governor wants to prosecute a journalist who discovered a state web app exposed educators' Social Security numbers.

The rectangular panels you see on almost all new constructions are there to conceal an air gap that protects the structure from decay.

Today's algorithms inequality began with 19th-century railroad barons, whose libertarian streak beget the rise of Silicon Valley.
Data visualizations explain how, at companies where institutional sexism exists, fewer women reach executive levels.
"We love to tell ourselves these stories about who we are and aren't." Why generational labels are bullshit.
"Goodness knows when my house will be built. I don't." Letters detail the time Edith Carlson fired Frank Lloyd Wright.