Lhakpa Sherpa, who’s climbed Everest 10 times, the most ascents ever by a woman, works in a Whole Foods between expeditions.

"Now we sit in one place, behind a desk and a computer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Life’s become so wearisome; you do the same things every day."

Interviews with Taliban soldiers who moved to Kabul to become administrators.

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To offset inflation, Berlin gives young people €50 “youth culture cards” to spend on clubbing or going to museums.
Some cars designed by AI in the manner of famous architects (e.g., Zaha Hadid).
“Every day my TikTok algorithm feeds me dozens of anti-aging solutions. I’m 23.”
Story update: That AI-generated pseudo-Seinfeld show gets banned from Twitch for transphobic stand-up jokes.
“Watch Me Forever” is a machine-generated TV channel that only broadcasts AI-generated episodes of a pseudo-Seinfeld.
Gillian Anderson is collecting sexual fantasies for a book. "if you identify as a woman, I want to hear from you."

A new video shows planets circling a star light-years away.

Here's what you're looking at. The black circle in the center is the young 30-million-year-old star, around 1.5 times the mass and 4.9 times the brightness of the Sun.

The innermost exoplanet is HR8799e, with a mass of 7.4 Jupiters orbiting at a distance of 16.25 times the separation between Earth and the Sun, or astronomical units, for an orbital period of 45 years. Scientists have been able to analyze the light from this exoplanet to determine that it's a storm-wracked baby gas giant.

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An old law may soon eliminate housing-related zoning ordinances for the vast majority of cities in the Bay Area.

With the elected diva’s political career seemingly headed for a dead end, it would appear that Santos will need to find a new grift soon. Might I suggest becoming an adult Disney vlogger?

Olivia Craighead: George Santos’s alleged karaoke habits suggest he is a “Disney adult.”

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Six states make a deal to stabilize the drought-stricken Colorado River. California farmers are likely to sue to block it.
After suffering decades of drilling, do Alaskan villages deserve compensation as climate refugees?
A Singapore teenager is shamed then supported for enjoying her first “luxury handbag,” which her dad bought for $60.
Apocalypse television loves to dress people in flannel shirts, which is a bad idea for survival in bad weather.
An amusing bunch of dunks on a “weaponized” SUV designed for wealthy people to ride out scary times.
The British Isles acquire new additions: islets the width of two tennis courts made of wet wipes and mud.

“How can we not be moving faster on this?” It is really mystifying. And so demystifying it was something that was important to me personally. But it also lent the book a very realistic vantage point.

The author of a new novel about the climate crisis talks about traps to avoid when turning the news into art.

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Review of a new book about how secretive investors can make—and unmake—lifesaving drugs. "This is how capitalism works."